Welcome to a creative asset development network with a mission of helping to enhancing your wealth and asset.

Be a part of us and start Hold our precious asset, the Anti Inflation MMC Token

Earn monthly dividend distribution from our profit sharing business revenue.

Enhance your Asset, Money and Gold with us without investments.


Anti Zero E-Wallet

Log in to your E-Wallet everyday. Earn RM0.01 everyday. Get extra dividends to your E-Wallet after every RM0.30 login accumulation.

MMC Token Asset Account

Watch your Asset grow every month without the need to do or invest anything.

999 Gold Account

Free 0.005g of 999 Gold. As an MMCHOLDER, you are entitled for dividends paid in gold every month.


Only RM15.00 lifetime fee.

Earn RM1.50 for every referral from your affiliate link that becomes part of MMCHOLDER.

Earn 10% commissions whenever any of your referrals purchases any items on MMC Store.

Pawn your tokens, terminate, redeem at no interest, cashout or withdraw physical gold from your E-Wallet or Gold Account anytime.

Minimum Cashout is RM10 and its equivalent. Paypal minimum Cashout is USD10.

For more information chat us via the chatbox.

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