Points to Know

Affiliate Earnings

Earn 10% commission when new members subscribe to the Premium Membership using your affiliate link and whenever any of your affiliate members purchase any items on the MMC Store.


You may use wallet service for easy check out. Wallet will also be used to contain your commission, rewards. To top up your wallet, contact customer service.

Default Currency

The default currency is Malaysian Ringgit or MYR.

MRT or MMC Ringgit Token is used to represent the MYR.

Transaction using other currencies will be converted to MYR.


Contact Customer Service. Withdraw with

MYR via Malaysian Bank Account

USDC/XLM and other currencies can be made via Moneygram in Lobstr Wallet.

Malaysians can opt for Gold Bar withdrawal subject to minimum 0.01g , value of gold delivery and insurance price incurred at the time of request.


Pawn your MMC Tokens at 1 = 0.7 ratio.

Redeem at no interest and anytime. 5% per annum of holding fees will be calculated pro rated at the time of redemption. MYR0.01 cents will be rounded of should holding fees is below MYR0.01 cents.

Should value of MMC Tokens overpowered the Value of Pawn and its fees, we will deduct whatever is due to us during Withrawal/Termination request.

Contact our Customer Service for details and price updates.

MMC Holding Account

An account for Premium Members which contains MMC Tokens to gain monthly yields.

This account can only be viewed via your personal link to the Stellar Network Explorer

Monthly Yield

Yields are paid monthly as MMC Tokens to members MMC Holding Account.

Yields are dynamic figure that comes from 25% of MMC Business monthly advertising and digital sales profit in MYR converted to MMC Tokens.

Members will get notifications on the number of yield tokens to be distributed.

The more tokens you have, the greater the yield you will get.

Members that have pawn their MMC Tokens will still receive yields according to their original number of MMC Tokens.

Yields are paid out between 3rd to 7th of the month.

Pay Out/Withdrawal Request

Request Monday Payout Wednesday.

Request Tuesday Payout Thursday.

Request Wednesday Payout Friday.

Request made on Thursday, Friday, Saturday Payout is on Monday.

No payment request to be made on Sundays and Public Holidays. Time and gazetted holidays refers to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Should payout falls on a Public Holiday, it will be processed on the Next Working Day.