Digital Advertising


1 Month Advertising Package


Need help with digital advertising?

We have over 350 websites, blogs, classifieds and partners platform.

We assure you satisfaction guranteed for using our service.

This is a 1 month package to blast your promotion all over the media.

Package comes with:

  • Consultation, Brainstorming and Design setting.
  • Banner & Text advertisements to +/- 350 digital platforms.
  • RM100 worth of Google Ads advertising.
  • 1 week of Facebook blast to gain more Likes, Followers and Comments
  • RM100 worth of organic website traffic
  • Negative/Positive Keyword for SEO setting
  • RM100 worth of backlinks and CPCs for non organic traffic.

All this cost more than a Thousand Dollars is for you for just RM750 only.

We are probably the undisputed cheapest Digital Marketing Agency.

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